Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom Management…

I start every school year saying that I am going to tighten the reigns from the start, and I fail miserably at it by the end of the first week.  For me, classroom management is much more difficult than teaching any concept or skill because I like to be liked and don’t believe that students should hate/fear/distrust their teachers.  As I have perused Pinterest, I have found some things that I just might try.

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My Version to Print  stop what you are doing

I am going to print off several of these and laminate them. Then, if a student is disrupting or making poor decisions during class, I can place one in front of him/her in an attempt to redirect without breaking the flow of the class.  If the behavior continues, I will pick the card up along with the student’s agenda and will take a behavior point off.



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“NOISE… Remove one letter at a time when their voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking! Love! Gives the kids a chance to get themselves under control.”

This will have to be used when the situation is appropriate like during cooperative group work or partner work, but the use of a visual might be effective in helping students monitor the noise level in the room.


3.  Source:

I like this because it builds on positives instead of negatives.

This will work well for my class because I have tables instead of desks.  I can easily assign colors to the tables.  The challenge will be to decide what I can use as a reward and how to manage marking 5 periods over a week.  Any ideas?



4.  Source:

Students taking zeros for assignments is something that I find extremely frustrating. After modifying it a bit, I may make copies of this and have students complete it each time they fail to complete an assignment.



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