Professional Learning: Grading

“Grading takes away the fun of failing.”

This is a quote from a TED talk that I listened to this morning.  Most of the talk wasn’t about grading or even K-12 education, but this comment really stuck with me.  I find this quote to be both very accurate and very sad.  I wonder what my students could accomplish if they weren’t caught up in the desire to get THE grade.  Would they be more willing to take risks that would lead to great learning if they didn’t worry about THE grade?




3 thoughts on “Professional Learning: Grading

  1. Grading takes away the fun. Yesterday, at the ELA conference, the TKES were explained. It made me think about how our kids must feel during test prep. Grading does take away the fun!


  2. Donna, I understand that frustration. I guess our principals will work to make it as painless as possible while we do what we know is best for our students each and every day. We will have to find ways to keep the “fun” in our jobs or the students will be the ones who are hurt in the long run. We will all have to support each other.


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