Professional Learning: What is School About

I woke up very early as I always do the first day I go back to school and started reading in my phone. I came across this article by a retiring teacher/ administrator. He obviously worked at a school much different than the public schools in the US; however, I wonder if the philosophy of his school shouldn’t be adopted by all schools.

Children, of all ages, come to school carrying the joys, hardships, and emotions with them from the night before or that morning. By addressing the needs of the WHOLE child, would we get better academic results? More bang for our buck?

I have to say that this is one of the reasons I love teaching middle school where I do. My students can learn the content with relative ease. I do find challenge in creating great lessons, but I find even greater challenge in working with the kids on how to be better people, how to persevere through difficult tasks, how to deal with ambiguity, how to handle failure, etc. This is what makes me excited about going back to school in 3 hours.

School Isn’t Just About Teaching


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