Professional Learning: Connection Between Boredom and Creativity

Bored?  Good, You’ll Be More Creative

Do you have a friend who you hardly ever see but seem to be on the same wave length in your thoughts and beliefs?  I do, and I thank her for sharing this post with me.

I so value creativity and believe that creativity is really more important than base intelligence because it is what moves us forward in the world. The post from is short but thought-provoking.  Below are two things that stuck with me as I read.

“To create, we need to make space for our creation. Think of it this way — Emily Dickinson might not have written a word if she kept getting text messages. Thomas Edison might not have created the light bulb if he was sitting on his Facebook page. Steve Jobs might not have made the Mac if he was sucked into Candy Crush. Yet this is the world that we live in. We are highly over-stimulated.”

“When you are not consumed by technology, your brain has space to breathe and to create.”


So, what does this mean for me in my classroom?  How can I encourage creativity with my students?

The blog post recommends giving kids time to think and then ask them where their thoughts went.

ASCD suggests modeling creativity and making mistakes meaningful  Developing Students’ Creative Skills for 21st Century Success suggests that language arts teachers infuse classroom activities with art and music. Teachers Must Encourage Student Creativity provides a list of 30 things that teachers can do to promote creativity. 30 Things You Can Do To Promote Creativity



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