STEM–interesting article

Interesting article on the job prospects for those seeking jobs in STEM fields.

STEM Graduates Can’t Find Jobs


One thought on “STEM–interesting article

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    The continuous outsourcing of STEM jobs and the promotion of education without occupation is killing this country. Then with companies making false reports or false claims in order to lower wages, it’s making it even harder for natives of this country to survive. The education system and American infrastructure is at great risk right now. With wars continuing to go on and with corporate organizations putting the steering while in the government’s back, young STEM graduates are being left with a short stick. That’s why, more than ever, it’s time to start injecting more entrepreneurial-curriculum based education into our system. At least if it’s not being taught in school, parents should have awareness of the future job market for their children and help their kids discover financial independence through entrepreneurship— rather if it may be engineering entrepreneurship or some type of STEM entrepreneurship. Fact of the matter is, this is what the future generation has been set up for. More technology, more automation, fewer resources, tighter budgets and bootstrapping.


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