Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Here are some Thanksgiving writing prompt ideas.  What a great time of year!

  • Write a persuasive letter from Tom the Turkey to the cook persuading him to serve ham, pig, instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.
  • Change of Perspective–Change how we see frustrations many of us have day-to-day. This could also be fun to do from the point of view of a character from a book or from history.   Ideas like–When my wi-fi is down…at least I have access to a computer.  When my hand hurts from carrying groceries…at least I have fresh food on my table.
  • Thanksgiving Conversation Topic–You can spend Thanksgiving dinner with only one person this year. It could be a member of your family, a friend, a historical figure or a fictional character. Who would it be and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving–Video Writing Prompts–K-12 Ideas   

     Clip for the Writing Prompt  

    Full Video
  •  Thanksgiving Protests–So it’s Thanksgiving…What sly tactics do you think a turkey would use to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner?  Brainstorm arguments a turkey might make to convince a human being not to eat him at Thanksgiving this year.  Write what the turkey would say to get out of being eaten.  This site has a detailed lesson plan with mentor texts and student examples.

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