The Six Biggest Mistakes I Have Made in My Teaching Career

Great list especially with the end of the school year approaching for many of us. For me, I would add three things.

1. Focusing on the negatives — I dwell on the one parent who contacts me with a negative instead of the 5 thank you messages I got last week. I can’t let go of the one or two kids who aren’t turning in their work instead of celebrating the ones that had a light bulb moment this past week.

2. Not picking my battles -I need to pick my battles so that my time and energy are directed to people who may benefit the most and to the tasks that have to be done.

3. Getting caught up in the negativity – It is very easy to feel negatively when I am around a lot of negative talk. By surrounding myself with those who tend to be more positive, I tend to be more positive myself.


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