Sad but Often True Professional Development Joke

A teacher died and went to heaven. St. Peter welcomed her in and said

he would show her to her place in heaven. The first neighborhood was

lovely. People were out on the park-like lawns, socializing,

Bar-B-Q-ing, playing golf on a beautifully landscaped golf course, and

having a fine time.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” says the school teacher to St. Peter, “Is

this where I’ll be staying?”


“No, this is the doctors’ area,” replied St. Peter.


They continue the journey and come to another beautiful neighborhood.

Again everyone is outside socializing. People are on tennis courts,

swimming in pools, etc. “My, this IS paradise,” gushed the teacher,

“Is this my neighborhood?”


“No, no, the teacher’s area is next.”


They move on among the clouds until they reach and equally beautiful

neighborhood, but no one is outside. No one is visible anywhere and

the houses appear to be closed and empty.


“Well, here we are,” said St. Peter with a smile, “Isn’t this a fine

place to be?”


“Yes,” replied the teacher with noticeable disappointment in her



“Don’t many teachers make it to heaven? I don’t see anyone else here?”


“Sure, we get lots of teachers. Don’t worry they’ll all be here

tomorrow. They’re just down in hell for another inservice.”


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