Halloween is Just Around the Corner: ELA Lesson Ideas

Students love Halloween, so here are some lesson ideas to celebrate while still meeting the standards.

Two Sentence Horror Stories Great for practicing sentence structures.

Photos of Abandoned Places Great for creative writing prompt, making inferences, descriptive writing, brainstorming descriptive words while focusing on connotations.

21 Scary Short Stories List of 21 short stories for reading.

Grocery Story Banning Egg Sales to Minors Leading Up to Halloween  Students can write an argument piece about whether they agree with this or not.

Monster Adjectives-Have students draw a detailed monster.  Then, they should fill the space around the monster with powerful adjectives.

Halloween Cartoon Blank Use with writing dialogue

Making Inferences Using Comics and Interpreting Comics

Calvin and Hobbes

How’d you get so much candy…

Ralph and Chuck

Top 15 Peanuts Halloween Comics




Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Here are some Thanksgiving writing prompt ideas.  What a great time of year!

  • Write a persuasive letter from Tom the Turkey to the cook persuading him to serve ham, pig, instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.
  • Change of Perspective–Change how we see frustrations many of us have day-to-day. This could also be fun to do from the point of view of a character from a book or from history.   Ideas like–When my wi-fi is down…at least I have access to a computer.  When my hand hurts from carrying groceries…at least I have fresh food on my table.
  • Thanksgiving Conversation Topic–You can spend Thanksgiving dinner with only one person this year. It could be a member of your family, a friend, a historical figure or a fictional character. Who would it be and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving–Video Writing Prompts–K-12 Ideas   

     Clip for the Writing Prompt  

    Full Video
  •  Thanksgiving Protests–So it’s Thanksgiving…What sly tactics do you think a turkey would use to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner?  Brainstorm arguments a turkey might make to convince a human being not to eat him at Thanksgiving this year.  Write what the turkey would say to get out of being eaten.  This site has a detailed lesson plan with mentor texts and student examples.

Caine’s Arcade

This morning, I worked on planning part of my unit that is focused on persuasion.  I knew that I wanted my students to work in partners to create a print advertisement as part of their work, but I didn’t know what I wanted to use as a base for the learning activity.  Then, I remembered the YouTube video, Caine’s Arcade.  My students are going to love Caine and creating an advertisement for his arcade.  I am excited to get to this point in the unit!