Common Core State Test Resources

Many of us are trying to find resources to prepare our students for the PARCC or the state test in our state.  Here are some resources I have found.

Multiple Types of Questions

Response to Literature

Paired Fiction/Nonfiction Readings

FCAT (Florida) Released Items with Selected Response, Constructed Response, and Extended Response Questions–Grades 4, 8, and 10



Texts with Sample Questions -6th Grade ttp://


PARCC has posted field test tests.

Sample Questions with Texts and Responses-Change the grade level to access other grade levels.  Also, if you print one of the stories, you may have to print landscape to get a complete text.

Sample Test Questions from NY-There are other grade levels as well as math sample questions on the webpage.

NECAP Released Items (Science, Reading, Writing, Math–multiple Grades and multiple Years)

Louisiana’s Released Items–The samples don’t have many questions, but there are quality texts included on the language arts examples.

Star Spangled Banner sample questions




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