Journal Ideas

**Heather E. Wright:  Resources for Teen and Preteen Writers and Their Teachers

What kind of scene can you build around these lines of dialogue.

1. Where are you going?


Look at the sky.

2. I want to go now.

That’s impossible.


You haven’t met Sirus yet.

3. The place has changed since I was here last.

One thing has stayed the same though.

What’s that?

It’s still dangerous.

**The Daily Post–Posts a prompt a day.

1. Odd Trio Redux

Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

2. Object Lesson

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?

3. Nosey Delights

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

** Photographs This link will take you to one of my Pinterest boards where I have pinned cool pictures that act as wonderful prompts.

**Mona Lisa’s Point of View

Write a narrative from Mona Lisa’s point of view.  How does she feel having people stare at her all day?  What kinds of sights and sounds does she view from her perspective?

How can kindness change the world? (Idea from Read, Write, Reflect)

Book Review from Read, Write, Think

What’s Going On In This Picture NY Times Resource


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