Mentor Sentences

How To–There are many ways to use mentor sentences as part of instruction.


Resources for Mentor Sentences


Sunny’s Resources–As I create develop sentences for my students, I’ll post them here so that you may use them and not have to come up with your own.

Mentor Sentence Student Sheet Format This is my thinking as of now.  I am going to work on this the next few weeks, so it may change some.


Sentence Sheets

week 1 intro prep phra adv phr

week 2 adj prep prh

week 3 helping verbs

week 4 proper nouns

week 5 proper adjectives

week 6 Compound sentences with FANBOYS

week 7 Compound sentences SV; conj adv, SV

week 8Compound sentences SV ; SV

week 9 understood you

week 10 complex sentence; sv, SV

week 11 complex sentence SVsv


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