Closure Activities from Edutopia

Here are some creative ideas for wrapping up a lesson.


Strategy #2–Your 3 Words

Your 3 Words


I remember seeing a great segment on Good Morning America, Your Three Words. They had viewers send in a summary of their lives using only 3 words. I loved the idea so I found clips on ABC’s web site.


Ways to Use in the Classroom:


1. Start of the Year:  Students write a 3-word summary about themselves.  Then, trace their hands, write their summary on the hand, and post hands on the bulletin board.  Below are pictures of some done my 8th graders a few years ago.



1 Untitled


2. Response to Literature:  Students write 3-word summaries of a story, novel, or poem.


3. Response to Literature:  Students write 3-word summaries from the perspective of characters in a story.


4.  Ticket out the Door:  Students write a 3-word summary for an important lesson–can be used for any subject.


Can you think of other uses in the classroom?

Strategy #1-Six Word Memoirs or Stories or Summaries

Six Word Memoirs or Stories or Summaries

6 word memoirs, stories, summaries

I think I am going to use this strategy as part of my back to school activities.  I can also use it throughout the year as a summary strategy.

How might you use this with your students?