Do No Harm: Flexible and Small Grading Practices

Post from edutopia  I love the request to retake liked in the post.


Professional Learning: 5 Special Strategies for Teaching Tweens by Rick Wormeli

5 Special Strategies for Teaching Tweens

This short and easy to read article provides some simple things to remember about and to try with our tween students.  I am really working on the idea of formative assessment this year.  The transition to semester grades is a little daunting because the kids are going to have so many grades by the end of 18 weeks if I put a GRADE in the grade book for every assignment that they do.  Today, I met with each child as he/she finished a short assignment to talk quickly about the errors on his/her paper.  Even though many of the kids were making the same mistake, I wanted to see if the kids got more out of the one on one explanation of errors.  We’ll see…

“Of all the states of matter in the known universe, tweens most closely resemble liquid.”    This is a quotation from the article, and I love the metaphor.

Professional Learning: 25 Ways to Encourage

b4dafed1034d3abf9fb0b5c731c87851Our words can be very powerful in encouraging students; however, they can also be counterproductive.  Sometimes we say things to students that provide send messages that we don’t mean to send.  Check out this list of 25 Ways to Encourage because these can clarify our messages to students.